Next Production – Feb 2019


are delighted to announce that auditions are now being scheduled for The Land Grabber

The Land Grabber

By James Phelan and Edward F. Barrett

A survivor of Ireland’s Famine, Johnny Foley is driven to expand his farm and risk the censure of his neighbours and the loss of his family. This original script by James Phelan is a reworking of a script written by his grandfather, Edward F. Barrett and submitted to the Abbey Theatre under the direction of William Butler Yeats.

Directed by Kristin Chan

The Production will run February 14 to March 2 at The Alumnae Theatre,

70 Berkeley Street, Toronto

Auditions will take place on –

Sunday  Sept 30th – 6pm – 9p.m

Monday, Oct 1 – 7pm – 9pm

Call Backs – Wednesday, Oct 3 – 7pm-9pm


To schedule your audition please email –

Please prepare a short monologue for your audition.

Script can be provided on request.


Auditions take place in the United Park Kimbourne Church, 200 Wolverleigh Blvd, Toronto, ON M4C 1S2

The Character Synopsis

Johnny Foley – A capable farmer in his mid fifties. He is strong-minded, stubborn, and attempts to care for his family by any means necessary.


Ellen Foley – Johnny’s wife in her early fifties. She is caring and nurturing toward her children and struggles to reason with her husband.


Billy Foley –  Johnny and Ellen’s son in his mid-twenties. He is naive and hopeful for change in the world. He questions his relationship and duty towards family and his beliefs.


Mary Foley – Johnny and Ellen’s daughter in her early twenties. She follows her heart and deals with the family relationship strain.


Pat Walsh – Johnny’s neighbour, a struggling farmer in his mid-fifties.  He focuses more of his energy on his political interests than his farming responsibilities since the passing of his wife.  He trusts that change will be soon upon Ireland.


Bryan Walsh – Pat’s son, a medical student in his early twenties. He is loyal to his father’s cause and is in a relationship with Mary Foley.


Kitty Flynn– Pat’s sister, a jovial woman, in spite of being ill, in her late fifties. She is an innovative woman who takes a stand. She has no fear of the male-dominated farming world.


Sergeant Mulcahy – A member of the Royal Irish Constabulary, in his early thirties.  He is a respectful man who takes his job seriously and follows the law.


Constable Duffy – A member of the Royal Irish Constabulary, in his late forties. He is dutiful in his job and works towards being a helpful member of the community.


Bailiff (off stage voice) – a member of the wrecking team