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Toronto adds a touch of Irish Humour to the Theatre Scene

imageSince coming to this fine city in April 2016, it is wonderful to see shows created by people of all nationalities and backgrounds, transforming into reality on stage. Each play, musical or even comedy piece has different energies, different atmospheres and of course, different stories to tell.

But once in a while, we Irish feel a loss for home and are forever in search for something to remind us of the Emerald Isle across the Atlantic Ocean. For the Irish have been known throughout history to be quick witted, have a great sense of humour and of course, to be wonderful storytellers, which seems to be deep within our genetic code.

You can only imagine my delight when I found an Irish theatre group, based right here in Toronto, that not only performs stage productions of Irish based shows written here, but also well known plays that we have also grown so fond of back home.

The Toronto Irish Players, from what I have heard through my stage connections, never fail in creating a memorable experience; enjoyed by people from all over the world, visiting Toronto. The one quality that is definitely apparent of them is that they create shows that are appreciated, embraced and adored by all.

So what do they have in store for us this season? Well, I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed. From February 16th to March 4th 2017, the comedy ‘THE NIGHT JOE DOLAN’S CAR BROKE DOWN’ will be sailing out onto the stage at The Alumnae Theatre, 70 Berkeley Street, Toronto.


This show has already taken Ireland by storm in recent years, with countrywide tours and revivals each season, on some of the Irish capital’s finest stages.But what is it about, why is so popular with the Paddy’s and why is it the perfect show for Toronto?

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be stranded in the same place as a national legend; someone who everyone is a fan of? What would you do? What would you say? 


The scene opens in the Glenduff Inn in County Cavan. It is a cold, bitter St. Stephen’s Night and all the pub-goers are attending the 60th Birthday party of an old pub-regular known as Horse MunleyJane and all her friends are the brains of the operation and aim for it to be a memorable night for all. Married couple PJ and Angela have simply come along to escape the confines of their own marital home. Providing the musical entertainment for the party is one man band Steve, whose mind is elsewhere, as he frantically tries to locate cell-phone coverage; with the news of his wife going into labour.

imageYou would think that this night may be quite uneventful for our characters. Well think again! As the storm worsens outside, the pub goers decide to call it a day…but the door opens up and there before them is Irish music legend JOE DOLAN. As the group; including Joe, become stranded in the Glenduff Inn, we soon find out  more about our characters, as their interactions reveal personal secrets and explosive moments follow. All leading up to a final eerie twist.

Written by Padraic McIntyre and directed by Michael Hiller, THE NIGHT JOE DOLAN’S CAR BROKE DOWN, promises to be a fantastic, funny show mixed with the perfect combination of ingredients… COMEDY, DRAMA and MUSIC. Also, with the addition of special guest Hugo Straney, theatre-goers will not only get to appreciate his take on Joe Dolan’s famous character, but also get to enjoy a performance of his well-known songs throughout the show.

imageWhether or not you are familiar with the Irish music legend, it is, without a doubt that you will thoroughly enjoy the play. Performed by both an Irish and Canadian cast, it is touching to see how a comedy created across the ocean has finally made its way to Toronto; for the continued enjoyment of all.

If you wish to see this wonderful show, which will have you talking right into the weeks to follow, tickets can be purchased at the theatre (on the night) or to avoid disappointment, can be reserved online through

Performances take place at 8pm sharp each evening at the Alumnae Theatre on 70 Berkeley Street.

I hope you all enjoy the show…and as we Irish always say, “sure it’ll be great Craic!”