Connecting Communities Through Irish Theatre

Celebrating Irish Heritage: TIP’s 49-Year Journey in Toronto’s Heart

Discover the Legacy: Toronto Irish Players (TIP) emerged in 1975, founded by a group of fresh Irish immigrants, becoming Toronto’s sole Irish community theatre. For nearly five decades, our stage has hosted over 94 diverse plays, intertwining Toronto’s Irish roots with captivating stories penned by Irish playwrights.

From the inaugural rendition of Kathleen Ni Houlihan at Toronto’s Caravan in 1975, TIP has ardently showcased the multifaceted facets of Irish theatre. Our repertoire spans classics like Sean O’Casey’s ‘Shadow of a Gunman’ and ‘Juno and the Paycock,’ to Brien Friel’s ‘Translations,’ and even original works like ‘The Warrior Bard’ by TIP member Jonathon Lynn.

The spectrum of performances extends from James Joyce’s ‘The Dead: The Musical’ to ‘The Patrick Pearse Motel,’ ‘Bookworms,’ ‘The Hostage,’ and ‘Shining City,’ vividly captured in our archived photos.

Over 49 years, TIP has been a hub where friendships bloomed, trials were faced, and connections transcended immigration and emigration. We’ve become a second home for multiple generations of families, while embracing new members every year, enriching our vibrant community tapestry.

Experience Unforgettable Irish Theatre

The Toronto Irish Players, a premier theatre company located in the heart of Toronto, ON. With a passion for Irish culture and storytelling, we bring captivating performances to our audiences, celebrating the rich tradition of Irish theatre.

Our dedicated team of talented actors, directors, and production staff work tirelessly to deliver high-quality productions that entertain, inspire, and resonate with our diverse community. Join us as we continue to bring the magic of Irish theatre to the stage, captivating audiences and creating unforgettable experiences.

Our Theatre

Our theatre home for the last number of years has been the beautiful Alumnae theatre at 70 Berkeley street. This handsome and amazing building is a converted fire hall – Fire Hall number 4 , which was built in 1900. It was converted and restored in 1972 as the Alumnae theatre, home to the Alumnae theatre group, one of Toronto’s original theatre groups.

140-Seated Theatre Nestled in Historic Corktown

Step Into History: Immerse Yourself in Theatre Charm at Firehall No. 4, a Toronto Landmark Since 1900. Stay for the Show, Stay for the History – and Don’t Miss a Pint at the Old Firehall! Enjoy some refreshments and inquire about the ghost stories. The Heritage Lobby includes original firehall lockers and poles that were riddled with history and the occasional mysterious tale.


Committee – 2023/2024

It takes an entire village to put a production together. We have numerous actors who return to TIP again and again. We are also very lucky to have a dedicated and passionate group of people who can be called upon when the sound won’t work, the lights won’t turn on and we have run out of Guinness in the theatre bar ! Below is the list of this year’s committee who look after the entire season and keep us all moving.

President: Geraldine Browne
Treasurer: Bernard Ryan
Secretary: Fiona Kelly
P.R. & Media Officer: Órla O’Connell
Season Officer: David Eden                  
General Director: Bridget Jankowski
General Director: Liam Doherty

Geraldine Browne

Geraldine Browne

Bernard Ryan

Bernard Ryan

Fiona Kelly

Fiona Kelly

Hails from Tuam, Co. Galway but has been living in Toronto the past 6 years. Currently working as a General Manger of a restaurant downtown but still manages to find the time to indulge in my interests in film and theatre. 

Orla Connell

Orla Connell

Orla O'Connell, Public Relations for TIP.
Orla is from the Kingdom of Kerry and moved to Toronto in 2018.She studied Music, but somehow ended up as a Production Operations Specialist for an Advertising Agency.With a background in Musical Theatre, Orla is delighted to be part of the Toronto Irish Players and feels at home with this wonderful community.
Liam Doherty

Liam Doherty

Liam has worked for a number of years with TIP. You may recognize him as Reverend Berkeley in “The Veil”(2017). When not on stage, Liam can be found at the bar. Helping out selling drinks and snacks.

Bridget Jankowski

Bridget Jankowski

David Eden

David Eden

David Eden is an actor, director and playwright. He directed "Dancing at Lughnasa" in 2018 and acted in "Many Young Men of Twenty". He has been the Season Development Officer since 2019.


At Toronto Irish Players, we are dedicated to producing high-quality productions that captivate, entertain, and provoke thought. Our talented team of actors, directors, and crew members work collaboratively to bring the magic of Irish theatre to life on stage. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to celebrate the beauty and diversity of Irish storytelling.


Feb 2023 – The Seafarer, Oct 2022 – The Hen Night Epiphany, April 2022 – Chapatti, Feb 2020 – Many Young Men of Twenty, Oct 2019 – Nobody’s Talking to me, Feb 2019 – The Land Grabber, Sept 2018 – Dancing at Lughnasa, Feb 2018 – Little Gem, Sept 2017 – The Veil, Feb 2017 – The Night Joe Dolan’s Car Broke Down, Nov 2016- Outside Mullingar, Feb 2016- Shadow of a Gunman, Nov 2015- An Ideal Husband, Feb 2015- Elvis’ Toenail, Oct 2014- Bookworms, Feb 2014- Big Maggie, Oct 2013- No Romance, Feb 2013- Midden, Nov 2012- Translations, Feb 2012- The Lonesome West, Nov 2011- The Shinning City, Feb 2011- 


Oct 1999- The Playboy of the Western world, March 1999- Red roses and petrol, Nov 1998- Drama at Inish, March 1998- Lovers, Winner and Losers Oct 1997- Philadelphia here I come, March 1997- Juno & The Paycock, Nov 1996- Same Old Moon, March 1996- 44 Sycamore, Nov 1995- Dancing at Lughnasa, March 1995- Quare Fellow,mNov 1994- John Bull’s Other Island, March 1994- Remembrance, Nov 1993- All the Way Back, March 1993- The Shaughran, Nov 1992- The Communication Cord, March 1992- Year of the Hiker, Nov 1991- Step in the Hollow, March 1991- Red Roses for me, Nov 1990- Whistle in the Dark, May 1990- Hatchet, Feb 1990- Conversations on a homecoming,


Nov 1989- The Hostage, May 1989- Factory Girls, March 1989- Scenes from an Album, Nov 1988- Shadow of a Gunman, March 1988- Waiting for Godot, Nov 1987- The Patrick Pearce Motel, March 1987- The Plough and the Stars, Nov 1986- Volunteers,mMarch 1986- Translations, Nov 1985- Da, Feb 1985- The White-headed Boy, Nov 1984- Yours in J.C., March 1984- Sive, Nov 1983- A Life, March 1983- Playboy of the Western World, Nov 1982- The Field, March 1982- Juno & The Paycock, Nov 1981- Philadelphia here I come, March 1981- Big Maggie, Nov 1980- The Celtic Spectrum, March 1980- Roses red for me, Nov 1979- Mise Eire, March 1979- Professor Tim, Dec 1978- The Patriot Game, April 1978- Hyacinth Halvey, March 1977- Loves of Cass Maguire,mApril 1976- Shadow of a Gunman,,March 1976- Riders to the Sea,June 1975- Kathleen Ni Houlihan

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